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Black F*ck A Decaf Mama T-Shirt

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The Origin Story of Our F*ck A Decaf Mama T-Shirt

This mama shirt is inspired by the song Caroline by Amine -- don't worry, it isn't my response when someone kindly offers me a decaf, haha! Although I'm sure my fellow parents can relate to the sentiment, especially when you've only had an hour of sleep.

Caroline has been one of my favourite songs over the past few months. This phrase is taken COMPLETELY out of context (the song is a little bit rude!) but it totally applies to my life since Baby Dee arrived -- sleepless and sleep-deprived!

More Information about the F*ck A Decaf Mama T-Shirt

It's become one of the most popular designs for our parents who are struggling to get any shut-eye, and this rude t shirt is a great gift for new parents for your swearier friends! It also makes a great mothers day gift for those mamas who are a year or two in.

This mama t shirt is available in either a "lady fit" or a men's fit, and comes in a range of colour options (within our trademark monochrome colour palette that is).

- Designed by Me for Baby Dee and Me -

- AW17 // fresh designs inspired by our love of music -

Garment Specifications and Composition

- Lady Fit Tee -

* Soft feel cotton/Lycra blend

* Quality embroidered slogan design

* Sizing XS = 6-8 | S = 8-10 | M = 10-12 | L = 12-14 | XL = 14-16 | XXL = 16-18

Colour Options

Black Tee // White Slogan

White Tee // Black Slogan

Light Grey Tee // Pink Slogan

Dark Grey Tee // White Slogan

Care Instructions

// Wash inside out at 30

// Do not tumble dry


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