About Baby Dee and Me

Hey! I’m Steff, and I run Baby Dee and Me.

The Early Days

I launched Baby Dee and Me back in 2016 when my son was born, because everywhere I looked on the high street there was cutesy, pale blue clothing that left little room for personality. 

I ended up going to Instagram for inspiration, and decided to fill the gap in the market by creating designs with a little bit of attitude – not too much though, the kids bring enough of that themselves!


What Makes Baby Dee and Me Distinctive

We work hard not to be too mainstream or cutesy, and our trademark monochrome colour palette has established Baby Dee and Me as a must-have brand for anyone searching for edgy, gender-neutral baby clothes. 

We’re a bit niche, so if you love a bit of RnB, hip hop, old school, and new school, then we’re the brand for you. Our designs make great gifts for your music-loving friends who have kids too!


About Baby Dee and Me’s Products 

The design process is so much fun – I work closely with a fellow mama who’s an amazing designer, and we collaborate to develop the finished designs which are usually inspired by my latest playlist!

We ensure that all of our garments are ethically sourced, and all of our packaging materials are either recyclable paper and card, or biodegradable plastic alternatives.

The printing process is expertly carried out by a local, family-run printing business who have over 30 years’ experience in printing onto garments. Everything is made to the highest specification, and my son is still wearing some of our early tees which are 2 years old and have been washed countless times!


The Baby Dee and Me Team

We have a team of amazing mamas who make up our social media team – they’re the Baby Dee and Me cheerleaders, and they provide the most wonderful images of their gorgeous kids (and themselves!) in our merch.

Behind the scenes, they keep me going – they’re people to chat to in this sometimes lonely world of working from home, and they’re invaluable when it comes to testing new ideas and concepts as we develop new products.


Some of Our Exciting Milestones and Future Developments 

Hitting my first year and then second year in business, seeing our Instagram community develop and grow, and getting our first wholesale order were all such exciting steps for us. This year, we’ll be getting out there to meet you at pop-up events, so make sure you follow us on Instagram to see where we’re going to be next!